DrDicty.com is one of the biggest free Croatian online dictionaries in the net. The following three databases are included in the dictionary:

  • English Croatian dictionary: our database comprises over 440,000 entries with direct translations, proverbs, phrases and examples. The English Croatia dictionary can be found on this link.
  • German Croatian dictionary: we started out with this version of the dictionary. Overall it comprises 225,000 entries and even declinations of verbs, marked by the letter “G” next to the verbs. This dictionary can be found here.
  • Spanish Croatian dictionary: this is the newest addition to our Croatian dictionary DrDicty.com. Despite being the youngest database on the site, it has already aver 172,000 entries and is on the same level of sophistication as our English Croatian dictionary and the German Croatian dictionary. Please click here to get to our Spanish Croatian dictionary.

In addition to the stated features of our Croatian dictionary DrDicty.com we are listing the last search words on the appropriate starting pages. Furthermore, we list the top 15 searched words in the week and month for each language-

The described versions of the dictionary are of general nature, even though we incorporated several words from the following dictionaries:

  • English Croatian economic dictionary
  • English Croatian tourism dictionary
  • English Croatian medical dictionary
  • English Croatian engineering dictionary

The same is true for the other versions of our Croatian dictionary. We are constantly looking for further ideas to develop our site. Please let us know your impressions, thoughts and ideas.